Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is Temporary

Puddles are not my strength. Especially when walking a bike, talking and holding a cup of coffee in hand. Actually multi-tasking is not my strength, but at a snail's pace, Irene and I made it to our History of Renaissance art class. Sitting in the dark, oversized Campbell Hall, I didn't have to struggle to stay awake and pay attention. Thank you caffeine. After about 15 minutes, a girl dressed in a white vest and scarf, due to the treacherous drizzle here in Southern California, came and sat down next to a boy, who was taking notes on a laptop, directly two rows in front of us. Some more time passed by, and the girl keeps leaning her head on the boy's shoulder and kissing his neck occasionally, and I now gather that he must be her boyfriend. Dane Cook is right when he talks about how when people are in a relationship, you want to be in one too. Plus watching them was more interesting, although more saddening than learning about the Birth of Venus. Afterward, I raced on over to Hatlen Theater to go to my history and appreciation of dance class. Stepping inside yet another dark place of learning, I take an empty seat along the aisle, oh how I love quick exits. Soon Jillian and Danielle come and we have some awkward small talk, like with friends who you still don't know well enough to joke with. The teaching commences, a long dreary hour of slides and notes and slides and notes passes, and then finally video time! By now it is noon and my body is alerting me of hunger, by a small pain in my stomach, to solve this problem, I reach into my backpack to get the pretzels from my brown-bagged lunch from the dining commons, Ortega. Lo and behold, the inside of my backpack is moist and sticky, due to the blasted fruit salad of the day that decided to spill. Bummed, I grab the pretzels and try to pay attention to a video of choir boys dancing, and all I can think about is catholic clergymen fondling them. More slides. Then, class ends 15 minutes early! I jump on my bike and start cycling towards the science buildings, only to be slowed by a group of three that must bike rigth next to each other and take up the whole path. It's okay though, I have time before my chemistry lab starts. Finally reaching my destination, I park my bike and walk to a ledge where i sit and eat the rest of my soggy lunch. A group of young kids are playing in a patch of grass and I feel almost Holden Caufield-like as I reminisce about how carefree those days were. This year has been the first one where I have all those cliche adult worries--unemployment, no place to live next year, classes are hard. I keep telling myself everyone stresses, but I feel like I have a pile of bricks on my chest and all I can take are these shallow breaths. After my five hour lab is over, the sun has peeked through the clouds, and the drizzle has stopped. Tomorrow is Friday, and hopefully things will get better.

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